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Decorative Emboss

Classical Emboss

All cards are $3.25 each plus Tax and Shipping


Our cards are made by hand. The image is created using an iPhone and Waterlogue and printed on 4x6 archival photo paper. The cards measure 5x7 inches and include the mailing envelope and a protective cello envelope. We use an archival photo mount card with two different designs, a classic emboss and a decorative emboss. The envelope with classic emboss has a finished edge and the decorative card’s envelope has a deckle edge. The card can used as a mat in a 5x7 frame. Currently all cards are blank, no greeting.

Waterlogue 4x6 prints only, available for $2.75.

Also available, original, un-waterlogue image for artist reference... Please give credit if used for artwork. $2.50.


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I have some pretty big thanks to share...


Two years ago when my husband gifted me an iPhone for a camera...little did i know the journey this camera would take me on….thank you so much...David.


I want to thank the Tinrocket group for their wonderful watercolor app called "waterlogue". They have given me feedback on my images, "cheerleading" and blessings on this website...thank you so much ... Waterlogue.


I want to thank the artist Maxine Thomas for allowing me to use her design..."painter"...for my logo. Maxine is a wonderful decorative painter and you can find her on FB under Maxine Thomas. For painting patterns follow link to her website on Facebook. Maxine has asked me to thank and mention that the word "painter" came from a stencil created by Laurie Speltz...The Creative Coach.


I want to thank Jane Allen for the paint brush design and for all her help. You may contact her at janeallencreates.com


Maxine's pattern and Laurie's stencil were the inspiration for the headers on the site... Thank You All, Shari